About Us

For three years the Arka proposal has been promoting the construction and adaptation of spaces of the Farm (4,200mt2) within a diagnostic study that allows generating an agroecological intervention and the adaptation of spaces and environments that facilitate a connection of being with nature. , its health, its food, its history and purpose.

Within this agroecological intervention and in the search to restore the territory, the Arka project has sought to implement knowledge and practices that support and accelerate the process of healing the soil, plants, and food. In addition to a series of practices, learning and healthy customs that help the earth and its relationships to maintain a greater balance and a better environment.

The project has opened a School space to teach the contents and results of the techniques and practices implemented on the farm. There, the community, institutions and people interested in strengthening a culture of the land without chemicals and within everyone's reach are present.

At the moment the project is in a stage of furnishing the living spaces and adaptation of trails and magical spaces that strengthen the most intimate relationship with nature.

Our team

Hernando Villa


Kathi Von Koerver

Executive producer



Hernan Giraldo


Luisa Lopez

Lab manager

Dick Rivas Rincon