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About Us

Ark project is about connecting to Mother Earth. From the soil to the waters, the seed, the food, the plants for healing and the flora, the fauna, the forest and mountains. Our mission is to promote and motivate the ability to heal yourself related to your connection with nature.

the truth of ourselves can be found in our healthy relation to nature. Connecting at the biological levels where a whole symbiosis of worlds of fungi and bacterias help our adaptation process on this earth since the beginning of life and its evolution. 

Our Vision is to promote human values, ways and means, traditions, knowledge and wisdom from the Earth that can help to transform individuos and collective realities.

Our team

Hernando Villa

director general

Katharina Von Koerber

dirección ejecutiva

Alexander Aristizabal

administrativo director

luisa lopez Subdirectora


Jonathan Hernandez

Audiovisual Designer

Dick Rivas Rincon


william Carlos

Agroecology Farmer

Dias Juan

Agroecology Director

We are a non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and restore Nature & Ancient Wisdom to contribute to our culture able to make big transformations on our human values that give more meaning to life preservation and future on this planet. 
Ark Project is about contributing to creating peace and harmony with nature without destroying it. Conserving and restoring our ecosystems, mitigating climate change and preserving the ancestral wisdom of native peoples.

Within this agroecological intervention and in the search to restore the territory, the Arka project has sought to implement knowledge and practices that support and accelerate the process of healing the soil, plants, and food. In addition to a series of practices, learning and healthy customs that help the earth and it’s relationships to maintain a greater balance and a healthier environment.

We are concerned about life on planet Earth, about our environmental crisis and retaking the values that connect us with the Earth and our holistic healing.

We want to plant trees, forest and restore our biodiversity. We want to plant clean good food and medicine plants that can connect us to mother earth. We want to become an agricultural model and bring up new and clean and modest life styles that can be aligned with our purpose here on this earth.

We strongly believe we have come to a moment that we need to reattribute all the richness and abundance that life have given us. The earth, the air, the waters, the food, the medicines, the health, the sun requires a payback effort to mend and to alleviate our debts on taking so much from her.

As a spiritual payment we offer from our hearts and minds to give back everything we take from her. In this way, we can balance our spiritual and material deficits to come free and healed from our past in order to access to our more clear future.  

Ark project is located in Pereira, Colombia in the heart of the Andean region in a very privileged and biodiverse region. The impact of human activities in cattling and chemical based agriculture have impacted the region severely threatening the natural resources and the preservation areas surrounding. Deforestation, pollution and the lack of sustainable agriculture have narrow the opportunities for the region and its people to look for sustainable alternatives outside the agricultural vocation. The productivity of the land has diminished as well as the quality of natural resources and the way to secure food and jobs. The wealthy biodiversity is at risk, animals and plants have disappeared as well as the knowledge of the territory to healthy cultivate and produce the land.

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